EasyJet Baggage Policy - Everything You Need To Know

If you've ever looked for affordable ways to travel throughout Europe, you must have run across the name EasyJet at some point. A British global low-cost airline company with its head office at London Luton Airport, it offers scheduled domestic and worldwide travel on more than 1,000 lines throughout more than 30 countries. The fleet of EasyJet consists of 136 Airbus A319-100 and 82 Airbus A320-200 aircraft.

With a wide range of choices to visit in Europe, what about your cabin bags & checked baggage?

Although EasyJet's baggage policies are less restrictive than those of Ryanair or other airlines, it is still best to be aware of them in advance. Let us discuss everything you need about the EasyJet's policy for cabin bags & checked luggage, including the foods and liquids, permitted onboard.

easyJet Cabin Bag Policy:

EasyJet has some of the most challenging baggage policies among European low-cost airlines. They mean it when they say "one bag only"! Most travelers are unaware of this restriction, which states that even a modest handbag, camera bag, etc., will not be permitted in addition to your carry-on bag for FREE.

Your free cabin bag must not exceed the maximum size of 45x36x20cm which is bigger than the free cabin allowance provided by Ryanair. From feedback, our customers have mentioned that the easyJet allowance is enough for a short trip which will require just your essentials.

However, this is sad news if you wish to bring more than a pair of shoes and some extra jeans because the latest update even makes the only bag you get a little one that fits in the seat in front of you.

You do have the option to take an additional larger cabin bag if you are an easyJet Plus cardholder or a Flexi fare customer. The maximum size for this is 56x45x25cm and will need to be able to fit in the overhead locker and weigh a maximum of 15kg.

Before taking off, make sure to check the most recent guidelines.

easyJet Checked Baggage:

Passengers on EasyJet may reserve a maximum of three checked bags per traveler.

A regular bag weighs 23 kilograms, although there is a less expensive option with a 15 kg limit. The overall size of any checked bag cannot exceed 275 cm.

Online or in-person booking for checked baggage is available. Based on your route and the time of year, the price ranges from £9.49 to £42.49 when purchased online. It increases to £40 at the airport, and you must pay £50 for each item at the departure gate.

You will be charged extra baggage fees up to a maximum of 32 kg if your bag weighs more than allowed or is too large. Although you are allowed to take up to 32 kg total, it is advised not to cross 23 kg in each bag.

Sporting goods with EasyJet

Sporting goods are available for check-in as checked baggage at an extra cost to the passenger.

Small Pieces: It costs $47/€42/£37 online and $60/€53/£47 at the airport to transport small items like golf clubs, snowboards, skis, paragliders, etc. up to 20 kilograms.

Large Pieces: It costs $57/€50/£45 to provide large items online and $70/€62/£55 to deliver large items of approximately 32 kg.

EasyJet Musical Items

You may bring your musical items on board as carry-on baggage if it is not larger than 30 cm x 120 cm x 38 cm. When traveling on an EasyJet flight with a more extensive musical instrument, such as a cello or guitar, you must reserve a seat for the device.

Booking a seat for your musical device: It's easy to reserve a seat for your instrument. Use the passenger name "Mr. Seat Guitar" when adding a traveler's name to your reservation.

EasyJet Hand Baggage Policy

When flying with EasyJet, each person is allowed to bring one small cabin bag with them that can be no more than 45 x 36 x 20 cm in size and no more than 10 pounds in weight. It consists of a laptop bag, handbag, backpack, and small trolley case. Small cabin baggage does not have a weight restriction.

Large cabin bags can also be carried on board by travelers who have purchased an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat or have paid to add one to their reservation.
They must check the additional baggage, and the EasyJet airport charges $50/45€/£40 for each piece at the check-in counter if you have more than is permitted. The cost rises to $63/€56/£50 for each additional carry-on if you arrive at the departure gate with too many bags.

Baby strollers and children who sit on their parent's laps do not qualify for the hand luggage allowance, so they must pack their belongings in the adult's checked luggage.

Liquids allowed in EasyJet's hand baggage

There are only a few things that must be left behind while packing your EasyJet cabin luggage.

Liquid Rules by EasyJet:

Checkpoint security requires the display of every liquid.

  • Ten 100ml containers allow in your luggage.
  • The liquid must be in a container with a maximum volume of 100 ml.
  • Every liquid container must be kept in a clear plastic bag of 1 liter.
  • Especially if they are almost empty, larger containers are not allowed.

Remember that the definition of "liquid" is far more extensive than you might initially believe. Deodorants, hand creams, and lipsticks are a few examples of items that fall under this category.

Food may be brought onboard by every passenger in their carry-on bag. It is possible to bring drinks on board; however, they must purchase them after passing through the security gate to comply with the rules on liquids in hand luggage.

Remember the rules for holding luggage.

Three hold bags under 15 kilos, 23 kilograms, or 32 kilograms are the weight limits for each passenger. Hold baggage costs may apply depending on the route, flight, and booking timeframe.

The charge per bag weighs 6.99 to 34.99 pounds when ordered online, and it is £9.49 to 37.49 for bags weighing more than 15 kilograms and more than 23 kilograms. Baggage weighing more than 23 kilograms and up to 32 kilograms will cost an additional £12 for every 3 kilograms.

Only the less expensive 15-kg or smaller bag is available for check-in, and it costs less. If you wait until you get to the terminal to pay for your luggage, you will be charged £40 at the bag-drop counter or £50 at the boarding gate for a bag weighing up to 23 kilograms.

Accessing EasyJet's Hands-Free service is the last choice. It entails checking your handbag at the baggage carousel, enabling you to move through the airport and security checks without dragging a suitcase behind you. According to reports, the bags are the first to leave the baggage carousel. It costs £7 per individual to use this service, or £16 for a family or group of three to six people. Excessive weight can only be acquired online in 3-kilogram increments, either at the time of booking or afterward.

The Final Word

EasyJet is a budget-friendly airline that usually flies passengers with a pleasant experience and gets them where they need to go on schedule.

EasyJet does not offer a particularly significant or straightforward experience for a person who is unfamiliar with European low-cost airlines. If you are traveling with a low-cost airline for the first time in Europe, be careful to watch out for any additional fees or rigid baggage policies, and you should be alright. But those who don't make their inquiry will probably be dissatisfied.

Frequently Answer Questions

Q: What is the maximum size and weight for easyJet airline luggage?
A: It is not necessary to pay any additional charge for hand luggage as long as the bag's dimensions do not exceed 45cm x 36cm x 20cm, and the size of the overhead compartment bag does not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. The maximum overall size for EasyJet Airlines holds luggage that can purchase for an extra fee is 275 cm. If a suitcase weighs over 32kg, the airline won't take it.

Q: What rules does EasyJet Airlines have about musical instruments?
A: Your allowance for hand luggage size and size-appropriate musical instruments on EasyJet Airlines rely on each other. You will charge an extra baggage fee if the device is more extensive than what is allowed for cabin bags. A separate, reserved seat is available for instruments larger than 30 cm x 117 cm x 38 cm.

Q: What does a bike cost on EasyJet?
A: If you've picked EasyJet and wish to fly with your bike, you must add it as Large Sports Equipment under the category of Sports Goods.
Expense: 45 GBP each flight when purchased online. If booked at the airport, each flight costs 55 GBP.

Q: Is EasyJet rigorous about hand baggage?
A: According to EasyJet, you can bring one small bag that fits under the seat in front of you, unless you pay an additional fee. You must ensure that your bag will fit in the sizer to avoid paying fees at the gate.

Q: Is it possible to bring food on EasyJet flights?
A: The airline allows guests to bring food on board, such as soup or custard, as long as they pack in clear containers containing no more than 100ml. You might also bring hot beverages like coffee and non-alcoholic drinks if you purchase them at the airport.

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